Why some American Indians consider Donald Trump an avatar of Vishnu


At this time, two weeks have been left in the US primary election. The contest is between US President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden. In this election, the importance of Indian American votes is being said. Meanwhile, an article is in discussion according to which many Indian Americans consider Donald Trump to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

How important is the Indian American vote
The importance of the Indian American vote can be understood from the fact that the Democrats who took Kamla Harris as the vice-presidential candidate took Indian American votes into consideration as well. At the same time, according to this article of Madras Courier, when the author of this article talked to Indian Americans who supported Trump, there were strange revelations in which one of the many Indian-origin Americans consider Trump to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

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Strange Hints Found in the Conversations of Few People This article is only based on conversations with 48 first-generation Indian Americans, but this conversation has given a lot of information about Trump’s supporters. Trump supporters, who compare Vishnu’s avatar, were seen comparing him to Modi. He told that the way Modi has adopted an enthusiastic attitude towards reforms has also inspired Trump. According to one such supporter, Trump is not among the leaders under pressure.

Comparing Modi and Trump,
this article has special mention of Mrinalini Kumar. Mrinalini is the Chairperson of India Voices for Trump Key. Mrinalini claims that half of the people who have been loyal to Democrats so far will vote for Trump this time. Mrinalini also connects Trump with Modi and believes that Kamala Harris can never reach the level that Trump and Modi have on Indian Americans.

reasons support
At the same time, the supporters of Trump Hindus are seen on many Facebook pages. Apart from this, many Indian American Christians are also seen to be supportive of Trump’s policies. Despite the many shortcomings of Trump, these supporters are fans of Trump. One fan argues that he likes Trump because of his non-political attitude.

But the real story is something else
If we look at the analysis and history of American media, then many people may not give importance to these things and the claims of Trump supporters. The reason for this is that traditionally Indian Americans are considered supporters of Democrats and recent studies and surveys also show that Indian Americans are not going to go to Trump.

There is no doubt in this matter that there is no dearth of people convinced of Trump’s style. But how decisive they will be in the presidential election becomes a different matter. But even in America, there are fans who give Trump even the status of an avatar of Vishnu.



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