Women can take loans for business without guarantee, this bank will give 10 lakh rupees


Business Loan for women: Women entrepreneurs will be given loans from small industrial development bank for small business  A woman entrepreneur must have a 51% stake in the business to take a loan

new Delhi. Many schemes are being launched to encourage women to self-employment and to increase their income. Apart from the government, different banks are also contributing. Under this, a special scheme is being run by Small Industrial Development Bank (SIDBI). In which women entrepreneurs will be given a loan of up to Rs 10 lakh to start their business. The good thing is that women will not need any kind of guarantee or security in this.

Assistance will be provided by Mahila Udyog Nidhi Yojana, on behalf of Small Industrial Development Bank, these loans will be provided to women under Mahila Udyog Nidhi Yojana. In this, women can earn well from small business sitting at home. For this, banks give loans up to 10 lakh rupees. No security or guarantee is required for this. The amount offered under the scheme can be used in small business (MSME) activities such as manufacturing and production. The maximum loan repayment period is up to 10 years.

Things to be kept in mind for taking a loan
1. To start a small business (MSME), very small business (SSI), it is necessary for the applicant woman to be associated with any industry.
2. Women entrepreneurship in the business should be at least 51%.
3. Business should be such that the minimum cost is Rs 5 lakh and maximum is Rs 10 lakh. Loan will not be available on more budget than this.
4. The interest rates on the loan given under the scheme will be decided by SIDBI.
7. Service tax of 1% per year is levied by the bank concerned according to the loan sanctioned.

These industries have been approved
under the Mahila Udyog Nidhi Yojana, serving beauty parlors, salons, tailoring, agricultural and agricultural equipment, canteens and restaurants, nurseries, laundry and dry cleaning, day care centers, computerized desk top publishing, cable TV networks, photocopying ( Xerox) centers, road transport operators, training institutes, washing machines and other electronic and electrical gadgets repairing, making jam-jelly and marmalade etc. small industries can be started. The bank can provide loans to women entrepreneurs for these businesses.


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