Work for hours, finish in minutes! Bring home the Milagrow seagull robot, no need for meds


Milagrow Seagull is a robotic vacuum cleaner that will make your job easier without meds.

No one likes to work after getting tired from office. The biggest problem of working women is daily work. If you too are a working woman and are tired of daily work, then today we are going to tell you about a robot that will make your work easier without meds. Indian consumer robot brand Milagro has launched three new floor robot vacuums in the country. Three new robot vacuums include the Milagro iMap Max, the Milagro iMap 10.0 and the Milagro Seagull. This robotic vacuum cleaner is very sensible, which will make your work easier without meds.

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If you talk about the price of Milagrow Seagull, its price is Rs 19,990. At the same time, the price of Milagro iMap Max is Rs 99,990, which comes with a water tank. The price of Milagro iMap 10.0 is 89990 rupees. However, its price may be slightly higher for the middle income group. Today we are going to tell you about the Milagrow Seagull smells … The Milagrow Seagull is a round shape robotic vacuum cleaner with two brushes and a mop. Let me tell you that there is no water tank in it.

This will make your work easier
>> Milagrow Seagull makes the floor of your house clean and tidy. It is a perfect for cleaning homes with area of ​​800 to 900 square feet. Because its battery backup is slightly less.

>> It also cleans carpets etc. The dustbin in it can be removed and cleaned easily. Its sensors help the robot to see.

>> Milagro seagulls can also be controlled through smartphones. It has several modes for cleaning, which you can choose according to your convenience

>> If you do not have time for cleaning then you can adopt Milagro Seagull. Because it not only cleans the dust from the floor but also mop.

It comes with anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties which helps in reducing the spread of infection.

>> This low-cost robot can help with a little wet cleaning and includes a NIDEC brushless motor with 1500 pa of suction power. This vacuum is great for use in hospitals and other business areas.


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