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Work from home ended : Big news for this company employees! Company ended work from home culture, Now it is necessary to come to office so many days in a week

Big e-commerce company Amazon has instructed its employees to join the office. After this, the personnel working in other cities will now have to come to the office and work.

Amazon to resume Work from Office: There is big news for the employees of Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company. The company has asked its corporate employees to join the office (Work from Office). While ordering the employees, the company said that now they will have to work from office for at least three days in a week. This new system will be implemented from May 1, 2023. This information has been given by the company’s CEO Andy Jassy by sending a memo to the employees. In his message, Andy Jesse said that by coming to the office and working together, a system of better information would be established among the employees and its effect would be visible at work as well.

Work from home was implemented due to Corona

Significantly, Amazon has tried to end the culture of Work From Home even when the havoc of Corona has reduced worldwide. Since the beginning of the Corona epidemic in the year 2020, many big companies of the world including India started work from home to stop the spread of the virus. But now after the recorded decline in the cases of Corona, many companies have started calling their employees to office. Now the name of Amazon has also been included in it. The company has instructed all its employees to come to office three days a week. Earlier in October 2021, Amazon had said that it depends on the teams whether they want to call their corporate employees to office or not.

Small business will benefit from this decision

The CEO of the company had written in his memo that small traders would be benefited the most from this decision of the company. Along with this, he also informed that this decision has been taken after some meetings held in the last week. Along with this, Amazon also said that only people associated with customer service and sales can do work from home. Everyone else will have to come to work from the office. Apart from Amazon, there are many other companies that have decided to end the work from home culture. This includes the names of companies like Starbucks, Disney and Walmart.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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