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37 year old famous actress is ill for 2 months; Such a situation happened, it became difficult to eat, drink and even walk.

New Delhi : ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ fame TV actress Shikha Singh is going through a difficult time. The actress has been ill for a long time. 37-year-old Shikha has now given information about her illness and health in a conversation with ETimes. Shikha said that the last two months have been very difficult for her. She is on bed rest for two months. She is unable to do anything.

The actress told that two months ago she had a skin allergy, after which the auto-immune condition was revealed in the test. The doctor has given medicines to the actress. Shikha said- But within a day or two I started having a lot of Acid Reflux. ‘The doctors had advised to get some more tests done, but nothing was found. The doctors said that there is nothing to worry about. ‘But I can’t eat anything except khichdi or light food. ,

Shikha said that there was a slight improvement in her health last month. That’s why she went to Nairobi to celebrate her birthday, but there her health deteriorated again. Had to be admitted to the hospital due to ill health. Ever since we have come back home, I am just resting.”I feel helpless as doctors are unable to find the cause of Acid Reflux and why I am not able to eat regular food.” Shikha said- I want to get well soon. Since the pandemic, many people are facing health issues. We need to love and support each other. Actress Isha Singh suffered the pain of bodysham at the age of 24, heard taunts, people made lewd comments

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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