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7th Pay Commission: How much will the employees get annually as soon as they join the revised HRA salary, know here

According to the 7th Pay Commission latest update, along with dearness allowance in the salary of central employees, HRA i.e. House Rent Allowance has also been revised. After the HRA is revised, the employees will get huge benefits on an annual basis.

7th Pay Commission: Central government employees are going to get huge benefits this Diwali. Where the second installment of Dearness Allowance arrears will come, as well as the revised HRA is also likely to be added to the salary. So today apart from DA, HRA will also be discussed. In fact, it was made clear by the central government whenever the DA exceeds 25%, the HRA will be auto changed. DA increased to 28 per cent in July, due to which HRA has increased to 27 per cent. The special thing is that those who get the highest basic will get more than 20 thousand rupees on an annual basis.

HRA of 27 percent

According to the DoPT, the HRA of the employees of the center has been fixed according to the dearness allowance. Everyone is being given the benefit of increased house rent allowance. The HRA has been fixed at 27 per cent, 18 per cent and 9 per cent, depending on the category of the city. The increase in this is also applicable with DA from July 1, 2021. Let us tell you that 27 percent HRA will be given to the employees living in X category city, 18 percent to Y category city and 9 percent to the employees living in Z category city.

Something like this, in

fact, ex-city people will get more than Rs 5400 HRA. On the other hand, Y category people will be given HRA of Rs 3600 per month and Z category people will get Rs 1800 per month. Let us try to understand it according to a calculation. If the maximum basic salary of central employees is Rs 56,000 per month, then his HRA
will be Rs 15120 per month at the rate of 27% . Whereas before that HRA was Rs 13,440 per month at the rate of 24 per cent. In this way, the HRA of the employees has increased by Rs 1630 per month. Calculating it on an annual basis, there will be a profit of Rs 20,160.

DA may increase by 3 percent,

while on the other hand, many things are still coming out on DA. In fact, after the arrival of the AICPI data, there is talk of increasing the inflation allowance again. Which is expected to increase from 28 percent to 31 percent. On which intensive brainstorming is also going on by the government. On the other hand, there is a lot of speculation about the arrears of 18 months. According to the information, PM Narendra Modi can take his decision in this matter anytime.



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