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7th Pay Commission latest news: Modi government changes pension rules, big relief handicap dependent

7th Pay Commission latest news: The Modi government has made a big change in the pension rules. According to the new rules, after the death of a government employee, if there is a disabled person in the dependent family, then he will not have to run much for the pension and he will also be entitled to get a lifetime pension.

Delhi: Every government employee is aware of the difficulty that has to be incurred for starting pension after retirement from government service. Movies and serials have also been made on this big breakup of the system. Realizing the problem of retired employees, the Modi government has changed the pension rules, which will bring great relief to the people.

Great relief to Divyang Dependents

According to Union Minister Jitendra Singh, after the death of a government employee, if a member of the household is a disabled person and does not have any means to make a living, then he will be given a lifetime pension. This decision of the Modi government will provide relief to thousands of people who were living in extreme difficulties after the death of their parents. Before this change, Modi government churned many times and found that the present system creates a crisis of bread in front of thousands of people, which is not right at all. After all the discussions, the Modi government has changed the existing system.

What does the new rule say

According to the Central Civil Service Pension Rules 1972 (54/6), if the total income of the dependent family of a government employee is less than 30 percent of the employee’s final salary, then the deceased dependents will have the right to get pension for life. Apart from this, the disabled dependents will soon get pension as per the new rules and they will get this lifetime for their lifetime. After the necessary changes, new rules will be implemented soon, which will provide great relief to thousands of people.

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What were the rules before

According to the rules before the change, there is a provision of pension to his wife after the death of a government employee. After the death of the wife, no other family member is given a pension. If the victim has children in the house and none of them are mentally or physically competent, then there is no provision of pension in any way, which makes it difficult for the differently-abled dependents to feed.


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