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A 60-year-old man said such a thing to Ratan Rajput, ran away after hearing that, faced casting couch

Ratan Rajput is a famous face of the TV industry. But it takes hard work to be famous. You have to go through many bad experiences. Ratan passed through one such bad occasion. He told that when he entered the industry, he met many bad people. She was surprised to hear such things.

Ratan Rajput’s life is like an open book. Ever since Ratan Rajupat has started being more active on YouTube vlog, his fans are fully aware of the updates of his daily life and what is going on in life. Through his vlog, Ratan Rajput tells the bitter truth of life, sometimes surprising everyone by making shocking revelations.

Ratan Rajput made shocking disclosure

Now once again Ratan Rajupat has mentioned the shocking incident in his vlog. Ratan told that he too has faced casting cout. This old incident was recalled to Ratan during one of his interviews. In his latest vlog, Ratan Rajupat shares this bitter experience with his fans. Believe me, you will be shocked to hear the story of Ratan’s casting couch. Ratan narrates the story of a bad man who gets angry when he thinks of it. They feel like pecking that person’s mouth.

Taking a sip of tea, Ratan Rajput told his story of the casting couch. Ratan says- There is a very big film production house. It’s 2008. I had just arrived in Mumbai. Then I was silent and scared. That old man was 60-65 years old. He told me – hey you have to change a lot, look at your hair, look at your skin, how you wear clothes, you will have to do a complete makeover, it will cost 2-2.5 lakhs. But why should I spend so many lakhs on you? You have to make me my godfather. I have to make friends.

Ratan shocked to hear 60 year old man

Ratan replied that you are of my father’s age. How do I make friendship with you, I respect you, I will do as I guide you. The person said angrily – Guide wide nothing happens. If you have come to become an actress, then stop this drama. Be a little smart. Ratan told that the person kept talking for half an hour. Then he said such a bad thing that the actress was shocked. The person said- Listen, if my daughter also became an actress, then I would have slept with her too. Even while telling this, Ratan got very angry.

Ratan told that she had somehow left from there. The man had done nothing to them. But what he said went home in his mind. That thing had an effect on his personality. She did not go to any meeting for 1 month. She had become quite uneasy. But she slowly came out of it. Ratan says- I never tried for the film after this incident. Even today, I feel that if I find that man, then I should hit him in the same face with shoes who had said lewd things about his daughter. Think what a lithe man he will be. Call it casting couch or call it. This is a shocking incident. Today if someone tells me such a thing, then I should give him a bath with shoes.

Ratan Rajput told that never compromise to work in the industry, move forward on the strength of hard work. Ratan Rajput said that never give such a price, otherwise you will not be able to get success. What would you like to say on this shocking story of Ratan Rajput?

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