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Aadhaar Authentication: Why is Aadhaar Authentication important, what are its benefits

Aadhaar authentication: In today’s time, the importance of Aadhar card in people’s life is very high. Without this, many important works of people get stuck. Having Aadhar Card, many of your work gets done easily. Aadhar card is used to take advantage of many government schemes and schemes. Also, by using Aadhaar, you get many subsidies and services directly from your Aadhaar number only. To take advantage of all these schemes, every Aadhar card user should get his Aadhar card authenticated. Know all the important things related to Aadhaar authentication.

What is Aadhaar Authentication?

Aadhaar authentication is a process by which you submit your Aadhaar number along with your demographic information – such as name, date of birth, gender etc. and biometric information, such as fingerprint or iris – to UIDAI’s Central Identity Data Repository (CIDR). deposit in. Here UIDAI verifies your information. (Source: PTI)

When is Aadhaar authentication required?

Various government schemes and schemes of private service providers, such as PDS, NREGA, banks and telecom operators, etc. follow the Aadhaar authentication process to verify their customers and users. Aadhaar authentication is generally done at the time of delivery or registration of the service.

What are the benefits of Aadhaar authentication?

Through Aadhaar authentication, you can prove your identity instantly. For this you do not need to carry any other ID proof other than Aadhaar number.

How to know if authentication is done for your Aadhaar only?

UIDAI notifies the authentication on your registered email id. Every time UIDAI receives a request for biometric or OTP based authentication for an Aadhaar, it sends a notification to your registered email ID.

What if my authentication request is rejected?

If your fingerprint authentication fails, you can try again by placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner in the correct location and correctly. Also the finger and fingerprint scanner can also be cleaned. If your biometric authentication is failing repeatedly, you can approach any Aadhaar center and get your Aadhaar updated with UIDAI.

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