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Aadhaar card news From UP: Aadhaar cards are also being made in the Post Office, Uttar Pradesh became the first state

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh and you have not yet made an Aadhaar card, then this news has done a lot of work for you. In UP, Aadhaar cards are now being made in the post office as well. Aadhaar cards are being made in 23 post post offices in Saharanpur.

Delhi: Aadhaar card is such a document which is becoming more and more important. This is the reason why governments are trying that people who have not yet made Aadhaar cards, they should get Aadhaar card somehow so that government help can reach them directly. In view of this, in Uttar Pradesh (UP), Aadhaar cards are also being made in the Post Office.

UP becomes number one

The post office has become the first state to provide the facility of making Aadhaar card. This facility has been started from Saharanpur district of Western UP. According to Narasimha, SSPO of the Postal Department, the process of making Aadhar card has been started in 23 post offices across the district. This means that in addition to the Aadhaar center and bank, people will now be able to get the Aadhaar card made in the post office as well. According to the arrangement, Aadhaar card of people will be made on every Saturday. Apart from this, information of government information will also be given to the people.

You can also apply online

You do not have to worry even if there is no post office near you. You can also apply online for making Aadhaar card , correcting or updating the mistake. If your mobile number is registered in UIDAI, then even without going to Aadhaar center, you can do some work. However, there is no facility to dispose of all work sitting at home. For some work you have to go to Aadhaar Center. For this, you have to take Appointment first and accordingly you can update the information by going to the center. For this, you will also have to pay a fee of 50 rupees.

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31 March is the last date

The last date for linking PAN card with Aadhaar is 31 March 2021. If you do not link Aadhaar with PAN within the stipulated time, then you may have to bear the brunt of it. According to the rules, you will have to pay a fine of Rs 10 thousand. We are telling you the whole process of easily linking PAN with Aadhaar, so there is no need to delay. Take a little time and complete this official work quickly.



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