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Aadhaar Card News: The food menu of this couple’s wedding went viral on social media, the reason is funny

Wedding Food Menu Like Aadhaar Card: The food menu of this couple of Kolkata is being well liked on social media. Seeing this, the guests who came here were also surprised. 

Kolkata: Most of the couples want to get their wedding done in a special way and their most special day looks completely different. Whether it is about wedding location or invitation card, they want to do everything differently.

Unique food menu like Aadhar card  

A Bengal couple printed their wedding food menu in a unique way, whose pictures are now viral on social media. Kolkata’s Gogol Saha and Subarna Das have printed the food menu of their wedding like an Aadhaar card   . Both are tied in marriage on this one February.

The food menu of their wedding that resembles the Aadhar card is viral on social media. Subarna is a healthcare professional while her husband Gogol Saha works in sales and marketing.

Even surprised by seeing the card 

Seeing the wedding card of this couple, the guests who came here were also surprised. This special wedding card was posted by someone on Facebook, after which this unique wedding card came into the public eye. Subarna and Gogol say that they are very happy with the popularity that their wedding food menu is getting.

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At the same time when he was asked how this idea came to him, Gogol Saha said that his wife Subarna had thought it. We both support Digital India. I feel that there can be no better way to support this. When our guests saw this card, they were surprised. Everyone was happy and surprised to see the menu card as well. They thought that the Aadhar card has been made mandatory to come to the wedding ceremony. Many people have also asked me whether I have left my Aadhar card on the dining table.



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