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Aadhaar for a newborn baby too .. Enter like this

This requires a baby birth certificate. The document can be obtained from the hospital. Mother or father support is also required. Some hospitals also offer their Aadhaar application services.

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Baby biometric information cannot be entered into the Aadhaar card. Do not take any fingerprints on the teeth for up to 5 years. UIDAI said on Twitter that the details could be updated after that.

Have generally made it mandatory to qualify for any government scheme. Aadhaar is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. When we first enroll a young child in an Aadhaar school, the school management instructs the student’s parents to register the Aadhaar details. Otherwise, UIDAI has started Aadhaar registration from the first day of birth.

Registration details

First click on the link httpl: //uidai.gov.in-aadhaar/get-aadhaar . Then click on the application form and download the document. Afterwards the parents’ mobile number and email address should be entered. The baby’s name should be filled in the application form. After naming all the details, you have to apply to the Aadhaar Center near you and the concerned Aadhaar Center staff there.

There you will get an appointment. Go to the Aadhaar Center and register on the given date and time. Required documents must be submitted. Aadhaar card is issued after verification of those documents. This way your child can also apply for Aadhaar.



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