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Aadhar card: Big News! How many times can I change name and date of birth in Aadhar card? know here

If you are thinking that you can change your name and date of birth in Aadhaar card again and again, then it is wrong. Any change in Aadhar card happens only a few times. After that you cannot change it.

Update mobile phone

However, if your mobile number is not updated in the Aadhar card, then first you have to visit the Aadhar card center to get it updated. If the mobile number is updated then you can make some changes online. At this time Aadhaar is very important for any service. That’s why you should keep all the information updated in the Aadhar card.

Change happened in 2019

In the year 2019, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) imposed a limit on the change of name, date of birth and gender. For this you also have to pay a small charge. For example, you will have to pay Rs 100 for biometric update, Rs 50 for demographic update and Rs 30 for downloading Aadhaar in color.

Name can update only twice

You can update or change your name in Aadhaar only twice. As far as birthday is concerned, you can change its date only once. After this, the maximum change you can make in the date of birth is 3 years. That is, you can do it three years ahead or three years behind the date of your birth. This date will be decided on the basis of your Aadhaar enrollment.

Only the enrollment paper will be considered correct

Similarly, the date of birth document which any person has given at the time of enrollment will also be considered as a record. If you have not provided any document at the time of enrollment, then only what you have said will be brought on record. If you want to change the date of birth in future, then you will have to provide the document. It will be changed or updated only once.

Changes can also happen in gender

If you want any change in your gender, then there is a one-time facility for this also. You can change it once. If you want to change name, date of birth and gender multiple times then it is possible. But this will be possible only when there is an exceptional situation. You will have to visit the regional office of Aadhaar again for this.

Contact the Regional Office of Aadhaar

In such a situation, first you have to visit the regional office of Aadhaar or Will have to email. Then you have to explain the reason why you want to do it. After this, the details related to it and its proof will have to be given. The regional office of Aadhaar will do due diligence for it. If it feels that your appeal is correct, then the regional office will approve it. If your appeal is not found valid, then the approval will not be granted.

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