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After having a son, new good news came to Bharti Singh’s house, said – both of us are responsible for this

What happens after becoming a mother if you come to know that Bharti Singh is going to share good news again. Bharti Singh has shared big news on her YouTube channel. Bharti says that her husband is also responsible for this good news. What is this good news of Bharti, let us know.

Knowing the news of comedian Bharti Singh becoming a mother, you must have been happy. What if Bharti Singh is going to give you good news again? Yes, you heard it right. We are not saying this, but Bharti Singh herself has said it. Bharti says that she alone is not responsible, her Harsh Limbachiyaa is also to blame for this.

Surprise the fans of Bharti

Bharti has revealed this good news in her new Vlog. As soon as the video starts, she says – I am ashamed to say how. You people will say that we are giving back to back big good news. But did not know what to do. done. This thing is not in our hands. I am not the only one responsible for this, but Harsh is also responsible. She has a hand in this too. Describing this as good news, Bharti has sought their support from the fans. Now you do not need to worry much thinking about what good news Bharti is going to give. We will tell what is Bharti-Harsh’s new good news.

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If you are seeing this good news of Bharti Singh with her pregnancy, then you are absolutely wrong. Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa’s YouTube channel has got new success. Bharti told that she has got silver and golden buttons from YouTube. Describing this as good news, Bharti’s happiness knew no bounds. Bharti said that she has also got a diamond button and this diamond button is her dear son.

Waiting for glimpse of Bharti’s son

So you know what is Bharti Singh’s new good news. Bharti and her husband also run a YouTube channel called LOL (Life of Limbachiyaa’s). The couple has 1.27M subscribers. Fans are very excited to know behind the scene life of Bharti Singh. People like to know the updates of Bharti Singh’s daily life with her husband. Now her son has also become a part of this life of Bharti. But the couple has not yet revealed the son’s face. Fans have tremendous excitement to see the face of Bharati-Harsh’s child.



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