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After Jacqueline-Nora, the connection of Mahathug Sukesh related to Shraddha Kapoor and Raj Kundra, made sensational revelations

Tihar Jail 200 crore extortion case: Sukesh Chandrashekhar has made many sensational revelations in the interrogation of ED in the 200 crore extortion case from Tihar Jail. These revelations have been mentioned in the ED’s charge sheet. Sukesh has claimed that film actress Shilpa Shetty, Shraddha Kapoor was in touch with film actor Harman Babeza. Sukesh told in ED’s interrogation that he was in touch with Bollywood actresses, knows Shraddha Kapoor since 2015, he has also claimed to help Shraddha in the NCB case. In his statement, Sukesh told ED that he was also in touch with Shilpa Shetty. He had assured legal aid to Raj Kundra, who was trapped in the blue film case.

New Delhi. In the chargesheet of the ED in the 200 crore extortion case from Tihar Jail, the grand thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar has made many sensational revelations. Sukesh has mentioned big names like film actress Shilpa Shetty, Shraddha Kapoor, film actor Harman Babeza. Shocking revelations are coming to the fore in the ED’s chargesheet quoting Sukesh Chandasekhar.

Sukesh told in the ED’s interrogation that he was in touch with Bollywood actresses, knew Shraddha Kapoor since 2015, as well as claimed to have helped Shraddha in the NCB case. Mahathug Sukesh told ED in his statement that he was also in touch with Shilpa Shetty. He also promised to get legal help to Raj Kundra trapped in the Blue Film case.

In the ED chargesheet, Sukesh claimed that he knew Harman Babeza very well, and was planning to produce a film titled Captain with Kartik Aaryan.

The link between Sukesh and Jacqueline increases troubles for Pinky Irani

His colleague Pinky Irani, who introduced Sukesh Chandrashekhar to Jacqueline Fernandez, is facing Sukesh today. Face-to-face is being done inside Tihar Jail itself. Pinky has got crores of rupees to get Jacqueline Fernandez to talk to Sukesh. Sukesh also introduced himself as a senior official of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Jacqueline’s make-up artist Shaan was asked to call and talk. Pinky is currently in ED custody.

Pinky has been confronted with Jacqueline before

The ED had found some evidence of a conversation between Jacqueline Fernandes and Bollywood scriptwriter Advaita Kala during the Sukesh Chandasekhar money laundering probe. Kahaani: This conversation between the writer of the film Advaita Kala and actress Jacqueline took place on WhatsApp, whose chats details have been taken by the ED, which is also a part of the ED chargesheet.

On July 31, Jacqueline did a WhatsApp to writer Advita Kala, in which Jacqueline asked Advaita Kala for her email ID, apart from this Jacqueline also said that ‘But I also want to discuss something that will make it easier for us. ‘He will compensate for what I said.’

Advaita replied to this message of Jacqueline…

‘Ok tell me’

Jacqueline again said that

i call you during lunch time

Advaita replied,

sure works

Jacqueline’s answer


Advaita messaged again,


‘Have you had lunch?’

After this, Advaita sent Jacqueline the address of her home in Gurugram.

To which Jacqueline replied.

‘found it’

After this Advaita messaged and told Jacqueline that

‘We are going out of town on Tuesday and Wednesday, so he can come anytime other than these two days.’

To which Jacqueline replied,


After this chat, Jacqueline and Advaita again had a chat on WhatsApp on 1st August i.e. Sunday, whose details are as follows-

Jacqueline messaged,

‘Can he come today’

Advaita replied,

‘Yeah I’m at home’

Jacqueline messaged again.

‘Okay then let’s try to complete this work today itself.’

Advaita replied,


Jacqueline again asked Advaita the address of her flat and Advaita immediately gave her her flat in number.

After this, Advaita messaged Jacqueline that ‘if he does not come today, then Friday and Thursday are good, rest as he likes.’

Jacqueline replied.

‘No they are coming today’
‘They will be there in about an hour’

Advaita messaged.

Ok cool

Meeting went well, I’m on leave tomorrow, back on Thursday night, let’s talk at the end of the week. After this, on August 7, Jacqueline again WhatsApp message to Advaita, in which it was written… when do we have to start.

To which Advaita replied that ‘I am present on the road now, we can start from Tuesday, I had to go for an important journey.’

Jacqueline asked Advaita to write a web series for herself…

In fact, during the investigation, it was revealed that Jacqueline had asked Advaita to write the script of a web series for herself at the behest of Sukesh, for this script or story, Sukesh had sent scriptwriter Advaita Kala through Jacqueline to her Gurugram based. A packet of Rs 15 lakh was also delivered to the flat. After which the ED had also recorded Advaita’s statement.

Sukesh is a grand thug, implicated in many cases

Cases of cheating are registered against Sukesh in many states. He was caught for taking money from TTV Dhinakaran. At that time he was trying to make a deal of Rs 50 crore by claiming to be a contact with the Election Commission. In 2017, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police had recovered Rs 1.3 crore in cash from his room in a hotel. Prior to that he was arrested along with his girlfriend and actress of the film ‘Madras Cafe’, Leena Maria Paul.

Both were accused of duping businessmen by becoming film producers. He has cheated people many times even by becoming a CBI officer. Among his victims are former TDP MP Sambasiva Rao, a former MP from Madhya Pradesh.

Cases registered against Chandrashekhar

In 2017, Chandrashekhar was arrested from a hotel and taken to Tihar Jail in the Election Commission bribery case. It was alleged that he had taken money from AIADMK (Amma) leader TTV Dhinakaran for bribing the commission officials in connection with the election symbol ‘two leaves’. It is being said that he had done a deal for Rs 50 crore to get the election symbol for the AIADMK (Amma) faction.

At the time of his arrest, Rs 1.3 crore was allegedly recovered from him. After Sukesh was lodged in Tihar Jail, there were reports that even after being in lock-up, he is running a racket of recovery of crores.



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