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Alert: 13 works related to vehicles will not happen in RTO office if there is no high security number plate

HSRP Last Date: If the vehicles do not have high security plates, many functions will not be completed in the RTO office. The last date for getting the new number plate has been announced on 15 February.

The last dates for installation of High Security Number Plate (HSRP) have been fixed. But with this, a warning has also been issued that if there is no high security number plate in the vehicle, then there will not be any special 13 works related to RTO office vehicles. Vehicle owners should not be negligent in getting high security number plates and this should be done strictly to avoid waiting for the last date. Significantly, the last date for the installation of new number plates has been announced on 15 February.

According to the experts associated with the Noida RTO office, this order has been issued for the purpose of strictness that if a vehicle owner comes to take a second copy of the registration certificate in the RTO office, without having to install a high security number plate, the vehicle wants to transfer the registration , Change of address, Renewal of registration, No objection certificate, Hypothesis cancellation, Hypothesis endorsement, New permit, Temporary permit, Special permit, Disposal of loaned vehicles, Tax and National permit comes to work, without new number plate Will be done.

What is high security number plate

According to experts, HSRP is a hologram sticker. On this, the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle are recorded. There will be a kind of pin on the plate that will be attached to your vehicle. This number plate is specially designed to give protection to vehicles. This will help the police in recovering the vehicle in case of theft.

Different dates for other districts

except Delhi-NCR as per unit number of vehicle registration on private vehicles in all other districts of UP except Delhi-NCR The dates for the installation of high security plates have been set. Under this, it will be compulsory to install high security registration plates and color coded stickers by July 15, 2021 on vehicles whose number is at the end of 0 or 1.

At the same time, on private vehicles whose registration numbers are 2 and 3 at the end, by October 15, on those whose unit number is 4 or 5, by January 15, 2022, whose number at the end of the number of vehicles is 6 or 7. , By 15 April 2022 and whose vehicle registration unit number is 8 or 9, it will be mandatory to get high security registration plate and color coded sticker by 15 July 2022. Action will be taken against vehicles which do not have high security plates after the due dates.



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