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Amazon CEO Bezos resigns, know who will be the new CEO

Bezos said about his resignation that “I intend to focus my energies on new products and new initiatives.” Andy Jassy will take over from today in place of Jeff Bezos.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who started an online book store in Seattle’s garage and made it a 1.2 trillion company in 27 years, is going to resign today. Now, he is moving on to the next phase of his life which includes films, space and philanthropy.

57-year-old Vezos will step down as Amazon CEO today and will be replaced by longtime Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jesse as Amazon. Andy has been looking after Amazon’s cloud service for the past 20 years. However, Bezos will continue to be the executive chairman of the Amazon brand and the company’s largest shareholder.

Bezos said about his resignation that “I intend to focus my energies on new products and new initiatives.” “I think I’m very passionate about the impact these organizations have,” Bezos told his 1.3 million employees, or “fellow Amazonians.”

Showing great interest in Blue Origin

The space market is continuously booming, in such a situation, tough billionaire traders are trying their hand in it. Bezos is also one of them. The world’s richest person has invested billions of rupees in his Blue Origin company to promote tourism and infrastructure in space. The company’s first crewed flight will go to space on July 20 and will be the second private company after Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic to go to space. Bergen Galactic is expected to achieve this feat a week before Blue Origin. However, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was the first person to announce that he would go to space with his brother and best friend Mark through Blue Origin’s New Shepherd space capsule.

He said in an Instagram post, “I dreamed of going to space since the age of five.” Bezos further said that “I will do this journey with my brother. It will be a great adventure with my best friend.”

Can handle the command of Amazon Studios

Jeff Bezos recently teased about making a film with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with Amazon Studios and Johnson Seven Bucks Production.

Dwayne Johnson posted on his Instagram that “an exciting week is coming up as our @amazonstudios and @sevenbucksprod come together for a big announcement to bring fun to families around the world. Shared passion and always working hard with your two hands. I am looking forward to it, brother. Teremana is on the way!” This post was later reposted by Bezos.

Along with this, Bezos posted on his Instagram about winning the Oscar Mentions and Golden Globe Award from Amazon Studios. Along with this, he had to rethink the screen heroes of the 21st century through the Amazon deal to buy MGM at the annual meeting.

Jeff Bezos can work on these things too

Apart from these things, Jeff Bezos is also expected to focus more on the Washington Post newspaper which he bought in 2013 for $ 250 million. He is credited with transforming this historic news organization and bringing it into the digital space during a decade-long decline.

Bezos has an estimated net worth of $ 199 billion and is also moving rapidly towards philanthropy and is investing his money in progressive works. Last year he announced the establishment of the $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund, which will help “accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy and access healthier air, water and land.”

However, he is also one of the top five richest people not to commit to the Giving Pledge, a philanthropic initiative created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to donate at least half of his fortune to billionaires. encourages.



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