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Angoori Bhabhi made people sleepy by giving bo*ld scenes in the web series

Shilpa Shinde had made her place in every household by playing the character of Angoori Bhabhi in the TV serial ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain’. This character gave so much fame to Shilpa that people started calling her not by her name but by the name of Angoori Bhabhi. But do you know that the cultured Angoori Bhabhi i.e. Shilpa Shinde, who appeared in this show, gave such scenes in the web series released a few days ago that people’s eyes were left open.

Exceeding bo*ld scenes in ‘Paurushpur’

The name of this web series is ‘Paurushpur’. Shilpa, who played the role of cultured daughter-in-law in the ‘Paurushpur’ web series, gave bo*ld scenes unlike her image. These scenes were so bo*ld that Shilpa Shinde’s Angoori Bhabhi character had completely faded in front of her.

Shilpa’s candid reply in the show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ was very much liked by the people. At the same time, seeing the very hot avatar of Shilpa, people are not able to understand how such a big transformation came in Shilpa.

Played the role of Rani Mirabati

Shilpa Shinde played the role of Rani Meeravati in the web series ‘Paurushpur’. In which she is seen bringing new queens to take care of the king. The king tortures women so much that one by one her four queens disappear from the palace. In this web series, Shilpa Shinde wore a heavy dress to become Queen Mirabati. Along with this, jewelery is also heavy carry. However, Shilpa looks very beautiful as Queen Meeravati.

Know what is the story of ‘Paurushpur’ web series

‘Paurushpur’ is a period drama web series which depicts the story of love, lust and revenge. The series depicts the story of a king who is weak and short-tempered. Shilpa Shinde has given more bo*ld scenes in this series. The entire web series is based on the debauchery of the 16th century king.

Winner of ‘Bigg Boss 11’

Shilpa Shinde not only remained in the limelight by playing the role of Angoori Bhabhi but also won the title of ‘Bigg Boss 11’. In this show, Shilpa got a lot of noise with Vikas Gupta. Even the story of leaving the character of Angoori Bhabhi jumped a lot, although despite all these things, Shilpa Shinde managed to win the title of ‘Bigg Boss 11’.

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