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Anupama-Malvika did such a crazy dance in the middle of the road, fans were shocked to see the video!

Anupama and Malvika suddenly reached the middle of the road. After this, both of them did such a dance, after seeing that you will also say that it is a cool dance.

New Delhi: The pair of Anupama and Malvika is being liked by the audience a lot in the show. People also like the way of tweening and talking of both. In the meantime, such a banging dance video of these two has come, which after watching you will also be heartbroken to dance.

Dance on RRR’s Natu Natu song

In this video, Anupama and Malvika are seen dancing together on the famous song ‘Natu Natu’ from the most awaited film ‘RRR’. In the video, both the beauties were seen in saree.

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Dance in the middle of the road

Seeing this video, it is clear that Anupama and Malvika have done this dance in the middle of the road. In the video, Anupama is seen wearing a sari in a combination of orange and red colors, while Malvika is seen in a purple colored sari. In the video of both, hair is tied and subtle makeup is done.

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Anuj Kapadia made this comment

This video has been shared by Malavika and Anupama on their official Instagram account. Gaurav Khanna, who played the role of Anuj Kapadia, also commented on this video. Gaurav Khanna wrote in the comment- ‘Wow…I taught you both very well…Good job.’

What’s going on in Anupama

We are going to see a big twist in the coming episodes. We will see that Malvika and Vanraj are having a kite flying contest with Anuj and Anupama. But in the meantime a scissor comes and the string of Vanraj’s kite is cut. So let us tell you that this scissor has not been run by anyone but Kavya, who has now entered the show after a long break.

So now that Kavya has arrived, it is obvious that she will bring many spicy twists with her. It is sure that the audience will get a more interesting story in the coming days.



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