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Anupama: Malvika will stay in Shah House, how will Anupama save her family?

Anupama Spoiler Alert: A storm named Malvika is now going to create a stir not only in Anupa’s life but also in her family. Because now Malvika is going to live in Vanraj’s house.

New Delhi: Rupali Ganguly starrer TV show ‘Anupama’ is now getting such a mode in every episode so that viewers get new spices every day. The makers have given a storm named ‘Malvika’ to the story in such a way that along with becoming a speed breaker in Anuj-Anupama’s love story, Shah House has also created a stir. Today in the upcoming episode we will see how Malavika is now ready to capture the whole story.

Malvika will read love in Anupama’s eyes

We saw in the last episode that Anuj goes to Anupama’s house to convince her. She reveals the biggest secret of her life in front of Anupama. She breaks into Anupama’s arms and cries like a child. But just then Malavika and Gopi Kaka arrive. Next to this today we will see that Malvika, who came during Anuj and Anupama’s talk, will feel the love between the two. She will directly ask Anupama if she loves Anuj? Anupama will be stunned to hear her and will remain silent. After this Malvika will tease Anupama and say that she is joking.

Malvika will take Anupama to Anuj’s house

Next we will see that Malvika will ask Anupama to go to Anuj’s house. She will say that a sister cannot take the place of a friend. Anupama will also agree to leave and will say that even a friend can never take the place of a sister. But as soon as Anupama goes to get ready inside, here Malvika will fight with Anuj as to why she told about the house to someone else.

Kavya worried about Vanraj

On the other hand, in Shah House, Bapuji is once again worried about Anupama and Anuj. She will think that the one step Anupama has taken towards Anuj should not be taken back. On the other hand, Kavya is now worried for Vanraj’s love. She could not even sleep for fear of losing Vanraj. At the same time, Vanraj will be seen sleeping peacefully.

Malvika will take Anupama away from Anuj

Here we will see that although Malavika tries to show herself as cool and funny but she will come somewhere between Anuj and Anupama. She will remove Anupama from the kitchen that she will cook for Anuj and for him. At the same time, Anupama is also feeling love for Anuj in her heart, so she will feel a little bad about Malvika coming to the kitchen.

Malvika will go to Shah House

In the coming days, we will see that there will be a fierce debate between Anuj and Malvika on something. Malvika will start throwing household items and will leave the house and run away. Anuj and Anupama will find her madly on the streets. But Malvika will now reach Vanraj’s house i.e. Shah House to stay.

It is obvious that now Kavya’s condition is going to be very bad due to Malvika’s entry in Shah House. On the other hand, Anuj and Anupama’s love story coming on the track also seems to stop for a few days now. However, what will really happen next, only the makers can tell.



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