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Anupama was flying Gulcharre with Anuj, sister Malvika put her class in front of everyone!

Anupama Anuj getting romantic: One such video of Anupama and Anuj is going viral, seeing which Malavika’s blood boils.

New Delhi: The show ‘Anupama’ has been ruling the TRP list for the last one and a half years. The story changes every day. The show is a superhit on TV’s TRP list as well as on social media. The lead characters of the show ‘Anupama’ (Rupali Ganguly) and ‘Anuj’ (Gaurav Khanna) are dominating social media these days. Recently, after a long wait, the love story of both has started. But in the meantime, something like this was seen in a video of both of them that Anuj’s sister ‘Malvika’ got hot and she called their love to fly. Now both this video and the comment on it are in discussion.

What’s in this video?

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Actually, recently both Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna shared a BTS video. In which both are seen having fun. In the video, Gaurav Khanna is complaining about the color of her pink shirt. On hearing Anuj’s complaint, Rupali Ganguly i.e. Anupama started teasing Gaurav Khanna in the name of Pinky.

What did this say, Malavika!

The show’s Malavika i.e. actress Aneri Vajani has said such a thing in the comment of this video, which everyone is stunned to read. Aneri wrote in the comment here, ‘People are looking for me here and you guys are blowing gulcharre!’ With this, she has made many laughing emojis.

Fans said don’t show sister-in-law

Let us tell you that something happened in the show in the past that Anuj has got away from her sister Malvika. Malvika is not even visible on the screen. In such a situation, Aneri sent this message at the right time, which is also suiting the story of the show. Now in response to this comment, Anupama’s fans are saying that sister-in-law, show less Malvika. At the same time some have written, Are you not happy even with the property?

What’s going on in the story?

Talking about the show, in the past, Valentine’s special week has passed in the show. While Vanraj and Kavya have become a pair of Anuj and Anupama, there is a breakup between Samar and Nandani. Along with this, the pair of Kinjal and Toshu also seems to be breaking up.

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