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Anupama’s daughter-in-law Kinjal made a bo*ld photoshoot wearing a mesh top, fans were shocked to see the pictures

Kinjal, who plays Anupama’s daughter-in-law in the famous TV serial ‘Anupama’, has become bo*ld. The special thing is that even Anupama is not aware of this.

New Delhi: Kinjal, the daughter-in-law of the famous TV serial ‘Anupama’, has become quite bo*ld. Kinjal has shared such pictures on social media wearing a mesh top, which Anupama is not even aware of.

Worn mesh top

In the pictures shared by Anupama’s daughter-in-law Kinjal on social media, she is seen wearing a mesh top. In the picture, the actress is wearing a white colored crochet top which is slung down from the shoulder from one side. At the same time, to complete her look, the actress has done open hair with light makeup. This look of Kinjal is very much liked by her fans.

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Stay active on social media

Anupama’s daughter-in-law Kinjal i.e. Nidhi keeps posting her photos and videos with fans almost every day. Nidhi not only looks beautiful in a traditional look, it is difficult to take her eyes off her even in western look. She has shared beautiful photos one by one on her Instagram page. In such a situation, the list of her followers is also increasing continuously.

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Know what’s going on in Anupama

In ‘Anupama’ you have seen till now that Anuj and Anupama will leave after meeting GK. Anuj’s slippers will come out on the way. Anupama will make Anuj wear slippers sitting on her knees. Anuj will be surprised to see Anupama’s love. Anupama will ask Anuj to go to her house. Anupama will support Anuj in her house in bad times. Anuj will go home without saying anything to Anupama. Will tell all the people of Vanraj about Anuj’s condition. Vanraj will claim that from now on Anuj is going to be in a live-in relationship with Anupama. Vanraj will celebrate her victory as soon as she comes home.

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