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Anupama’s Samar and Kinjal turn romantic, will Toshu’s indifference change the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law!

Paras Kalnawat and Nidhi Shah Romantic Video: In the story of ‘Anupama’, Samar’s girlfriend has gone abroad after breaking up with him, while Kinjal’s husband is also showing displeasure with her. Meanwhile, a video has taken everyone by surprise.

New Delhi: A lot of twists are coming these days in the story of the most popular TV show ‘Anupama’. The show has been on the top of the TRP list for the past one and a half years. Every character of it rules the hearts of the people. But now such a video has surfaced, seeing which the audience is shocked. Because here Devar Samar i.e. Paras Kalnawat and his sister-in-law Kinjal i.e. Nidhi Shah are seen in a romantic style. Actually, Holi special episode (Holi 2022) is to come soon in the show, before which this video has raised questions in the minds of people regarding the story.

Brother-in-law proposed to sister-in-law

In this video, Samar and Kinjal are seen celebrating the festival of Holi. Kinjal has a plate of gulal in her hand, while Samar is standing nearby in a romantic style. While playing Holi with sister-in-law, Summer is seen lipsyncing to Bollywood’s famous song ‘Hum To Tere Aashiq Hain Centenary Old’. On the other hand, Kinjal is also seen shy after listening to this song of Samar. This video has been shared by Paras Kalnavat on Instagram Reels.

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Will Samar clear Toshu’s leaf?

Because these days in the story of ‘Anupama’, Kinjal is pregnant and Toshu is refusing to adopt the child. At the same time, in Wednesday’s show, Samar says that he will do the duty of being his uncle. So now after watching this video, the audience has started making funny comments. One has written, ‘Samar cut Toshu’s leaf.’ Another wrote, ‘The biggest twist ever will be the romance of brother-in-law.’

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Vanraj will ruin Anuj Anupama’s Holi

Talking about the upcoming episodes, you will see that Vanraj will go to his house to threaten Anuj. Not only this, in the Holi of both, Vanraj will try to dissolve the poison of his hatred. Anuj had taken a promise from Anupama that he would paint her first, but Vanraj would be sitting in the hope of applying color to Anupama first.

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