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Anushka Sharma suddenly wrote a note about paparazzi and media? case related to vamika

Film actress Anushka Sharma may not have appeared in films for a long time, but she is seen almost daily on social media. Anushka is one of those actresses who is very active on social media and apart from sharing her photos and videos, she also speaks through this.

Now recently the actress has issued a thank you note to the paparazzi and media on her Instagram story which is becoming quite viral. In this note, Anushka is seen thanking the paparazzi and the media for not revealing any of Vamika’s photos till now. Apart from the paparazzi and the media, Wamika also thanked the fan club.

The actress wrote in her note, ‘We thank the Indian paparazzi wholeheartedly and especially the media who did not publish any pictures or videos of Vamika. As parents, we want privacy for our baby girl, and we will do my best to give her the freedom to go through life freely, away from the media and social media. Now that she is getting older, we will not be able to stop her activities, so we need a lot of support from you. So get used to this confluence.

Special thanks to all the fan clubs and to all those who haven’t posted Vamika’s photo anywhere yet. It shows your generosity and maturity. Let us tell you that Anushka gave birth to Vamika on January 11. Vamika is about to turn one year old, but her face has not been revealed yet. Virat and Anushka take special care that Vamika’s photo is not leaked anywhere. Rather, she even refuses the paparazzi to click Vamika’s photo.



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