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Arunita Kanjilal reached Pawandeep Rajan’s sister’s wedding, performed rituals with family

Arunita Kanjilal also reached Indian Idol 12 winner Pawandeep Rajan’s sister’s wedding. Pictures of wedding ceremonies are viral on their fans pages. Pawandeep’s wearing Chandni’s wedding was in Uttarakhand. Arunita reached there and took part in all the wedding rituals. She appeared prominently everywhere along with the bride. During the Haldi ceremony, Pawandeep’s sister also applied turmeric to Arunita and posed together. Arunita was also with him when Pawandeep performed in Sangeet Ceremony. The videos of the wedding function are being liked a lot by his fans.

Arunita looked like a family member

Pawandeep Rajan’s sister Chandni was married in her hometown Champawat. On this occasion, his close friend Arunita Kanjilal also reached. Arunita’s bonding is also with Pawandeep’s family. His sister Jyoti is also Arunita’s friend. Arunita took part in the wedding rituals as a member of the family. She was seen in a yellow suit during Haldi. He applied turmeric to Pawandeep’s sister. Both posed together.

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Arunita was walking with the bride

Arunita was also with the bride at the time of entry for sister’s Jaimaal. Pawandeep was carrying a sheet of flowers. Pawandeep sang the song during the music. Arunita was with him. At some places, Arunita was also seen fixing the bride’s shawl.

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There are tremendous discussions about the friendship of both

Arunita and Pawandeep’s friendship made a lot of headlines during Indian Idol 12. His fans like the pair of both very much and the news of their affair also started. There were also reports of Arunita’s family displeasure over these reports. However, even after this, the friendship of both remains as before.




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