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Ashala woman beaten up for protesting, protesting Gorakhpur News

Gorakhpur: A woman from Gida police station area has alleged that a stronghold of the village along with her colleagues entered her house. Ashala tearfully tore her clothes. Nailed him. Hearing the noise, his son also reached the spot. Other people were also beaten by the strongholds in the rescue and threatened to leave. Police is investigating the incident on the woman’s tahrir.

Case not registered, Gida police engaged in investigation

The woman has alleged through Tahrir that a stubborn man of the village along with 10 of his companions entered her house. Torn off his clothes. On protesting, Ashala dragged her sari and stripped naked. Hearing the noise, his son also reached there. On resisting, the strongmen beat him up and injured him. Half a dozen people from the neighborhood came to help, and they were beaten and injured by the strongmen. The woman has alleged that the strongholds have also threatened to kill her with caste-based abuses and life.

Admitted to the hospital

The woman says that she and her family are extremely scared by the incident. Manbad is a very domineering person. He keeps on beating people in the village every day. The woman somehow informed the police about it. Later, police reached the information and sent the injured to the community health center Sahajanva for treatment. The victim has filed a complaint against more than a dozen people in the village. However, the police have not yet filed a case for the incident. Inspector-in-charge Sudhir Singh said that the woman had given the news of the incident. Strict action will be taken against the culprits by investigating the matter.



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