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Astro Benefits of Cloves Long Bring happiness and prosperity at home with these miraculous pieces of cloves, try once

Bring prosperity at home with these clove remedies


Benefit of clove in astrology

Clove is considered very sacred in Hinduism. The use of cloves has been considered effective in astrology measures along with taste and worship of food in homes. According to astrology, by taking remedies with cloves, your paused tasks also begin to form because it has been considered a carrier of energy. If you want to change your luck and fulfill your dreams, you can try the popular cloves and remedies. Although they have no scientific basis, but for years people have been trying them and are also becoming successful. Let us know about some miracle cloves of cloves…

Rahu-Ketu will end badly


benefits of burning clove and camphor
benefits of burning clove and camphor

According to the neural text, if you are troubled by Rahu-Ketu and their position in the horoscope is not favorable, then you should donate cloves on Saturday. If no one is taking cloves, you can offer them on Shivling as well. You have to do this continuously for 40 days. Doing this will bring prosperity in the house and their ill effects will also end.

Will get stuck money by burning cloves in house


If your money is stuck somewhere and someone is reluctant to return, then burn it with 11 or 21 cloves camphor on Amavasya or full moon night. This is the main benefit of burning camphor with cloves. After this, meditate on Goddess Lakshmi and make her aware of your problem. By doing this you will get your stuck money and will also open the way to get money.

You will get success in everything


If you are going to interview somewhere or are going out for some work and you want it to be completed, then when leaving the house, put two cloves in the mouth and throw some cloves remains at the workplace. After this, meditate on your Ishtadeva and pray for work success. By doing this, your work and interview will definitely be successful, it says so.

Benefits of burning cloves : Hard work will become Fruitful


Even after working hard, if you are not getting fruit properly, then on Tuesday, burn jasmine oil lamp in front of Hanumanji idol and put two cloves in it. After this recite Hanuman Chalisa and after performing Aarti, tell Hanumanji your problem. Do this 21 Tuesday in a row. By doing this you will get the fruits of your hard work. All your works will start happening.

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This measure will be done at home


According to Tantra Shastra, while worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, offer two cloves along with rose flowers everyday to the mother. If everyday is not possible, do so on Friday. Apart from this, tie 5 cloves buds in red cloth with 5 clams and keep them in the vault or cupboard. By doing this, there will be a resurgence in the house and the path of Dhan Marg will be opened.

Work will be spoiled by this measure


If your finished work gets spoiled or if the auspicious work gets interrupted, then burn three or four cloves in an oil lamp every Saturday and then put it in the darkest corner of the house. By doing this the negative power present in the house will go away and all people will remain healthy. Also, your tasks will start to be made gradually.


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