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ATM Withdraw Money Tip: If you withdraw money from ATM, do not make this mistake even after forgetting, otherwise the account will be empty.

ATM Withdraw Money: There was a time when people had to line up in banks to withdraw money and the lines were so big that it used to be from morning till evening till your number came. But in today’s time ATMs have made the process of withdrawing money from banks very easy. Whether you are in any corner of the country, if there is an ATM, then you can easily withdraw money according to the need. However, in the last few years, incidents of ATM fraud have also been seen, in which people’s accounts are emptied. Criminals adopt various methods to do ATM fraud, which are not known to the common people. That’s why there is a need to be cautious and let us tell you that what are the things you should keep in mind while withdrawing money from ATM?

If you have gone to withdraw money from the ATM, then it is the most important thing that first check whether the camera is installed or not. Apart from this, also check that there is nothing suspicious at the place where the card is inserted. Be careful if you see anything suspicious. Actually, criminals put a chip on the card reading place, so that they steal all the information on your card.

There are also many people who share their ATM card PIN and card etc with their friends or relatives, while this should not be done at all, because such incidents have been seen, when their own cheats and your Withdrawing money from ATM empties your account.

If you are going to withdraw money from an ATM, it is very important that you cover the PIN by hand when entering, so that no one else can see your PIN. Many times criminals steal your PIN through hidden camera and can cheat you of lakhs.

You must press the cancel button after withdrawing money from the ATM. This way your information will not leak anywhere else. If you have withdrawn the money, do not move from near the screen until Welcome is written on the screen.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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