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Attention mobile users! Changed the rule of keeping SIM, know otherwise SIM card will be closed

Mobile SIM Card Rule: A new rule has been issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on Wednesday, in which the exemption of having more SIM has been abolished. According to the new rules of the Department of Telecommunications, it has become mandatory for the user having more than 9 SIMs to verify the SIM card. If you do not do this, your SIM card will be deactivated. The new rule of DoT has come into effect from 7 December 2021 across the country.

Order to close sim in 30 days

  • DoT has ordered all telecom operators to send notifications to users who have more than 9 SIM cards. All outgoing calls to such SIM cards should be terminated within 30 days. Whereas incoming calls have been ordered to be closed within 45 days. However, mobile SIM users will also have the option to surrender the extra SIM.
  • If the notified SIM is not verified by the subscribers, then such SIM has been ordered to be discontinued within 60 days.
  • If the subscriber is international roaming, an additional 30 days will be given to sick and disabled persons.
  • If a complaint is received against the mobile number from the Law Enforcement Agency or from the bank or any other financial institution, then the outgoing calls to such SIM will be closed within 5 days. Also the incoming will stop in 10 days. Whereas the sim will be completely locked in 15 days.

Order to close sim card

The Department of Telecom on Wednesday ordered mobile users having more than 9 SIMs to complete the verification soon. According to the rules, a user can buy a maximum of 9 SIMs. But there is a rule to have a maximum of 6 SIM cards for the Northeast including Jammu and Kashmir and Assam. According to DoT, more than 9 SIMs on the user’s ID will be declared invalid. In such a situation, the user will be given the option to turn off the SIM of his choice.

Why had to take such a step

The Department of Telecom has ordered the shutdown of SIMs in excess of the prescribed quantity to prevent online fraud, objectionable calls and incidents. DoT has implemented a new rule with the aim of controlling the spread of fake SIM cards.

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