Auto drivers start free service for Corona patients in this state of the country


COVID-19: Seeing the increase in the number of patients, the drivers are sending the patients to the hospital for free. More auto drivers are also joining this campaign.

COVID-19: Whenever a disaster has happened in the country, the countrymen have faced it firmly. Even under adverse circumstances, he has done it, which no one can even imagine. These days, one such example has been set by the auto rickshaw driver of Jharkhand, who is seeing the increase in the number of corona (COVID-19) patients in the city and sending patients to the hospital for free. Now more auto drivers are also joining this campaign.

About this, auto driver Ravi tells that a woman had to go to Rheims Hospital, but some auto people were not going there for fear. Then he himself took the woman to the trauma center and did not even take money from him.

Phone number posted on social media
Since then, Ravi came to mind that in this situation many auto people are demanding more money, and some are not going out of fear. In such a situation, he started the campaign that all patients who are found will take them free of cost, but for how the needy came to know about it, he shared his phone number on social media. Now they get many calls throughout the day and they reach out to help everyone as much as possible from them.

This campaign started in other states as soon as it was seen
Auto drivers in Ranchi say that the corona (COVID-19) patient needs an auto for the hospital immediately. Such an effort is being made from us that when public vehicles are running less in the state, then people should be helped in such a way that they can be transported to the hospital on time.

The special thing is that now auto drivers from other states are coming forward to help patients at their own level in the same way, and by taking part in the help of such patients, auto drivers are contributing to save the lives of patients. Huh.

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