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Babita of ‘Ashram’ got cheated in love, said after mashing rose flower – she left

A video of Tridha Chaudhary, who plays Babita in ‘Ashram’, is in great discussion. In this video, Babita is telling the story of being cheated on in love.

New Delhi: Tridha Choudhary, who plays Babita in the ‘Ashram’ web series, got cheated on the fourth day in love. Tridha has told this thing with a video by rubbing a rose in her hand. Tridha is seen in anger in this video and with this video is openly telling her love story in front of the world.

Got cheated on the fourth day in love

Tridha Choudhary herself has revealed that she took promises and vows for three days in love, but on the fourth day all her faces were shattered because that person left her.

The pain told by crushing the rose flower

In this video, Tridha is seen holding a rose flower in her hand from the very beginning. Which she is sometimes putting on her body and sometimes she is seen showing it in the camera. At the end of the video, Tridha mashed this rose flower by holding it in her hand and said that she was deceived in love.

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Know what Babita of Ashram is saying in the video

In the video, Tridha Chaudhary is saying- ‘On the first day she told me that there is no one beautiful girl in this world than you. Said the other day I fell in love with you. Said on the third day, don’t ever leave me. Then he left me.

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Shared the video myself

Tridha Chaudhary has shared this video on her official Instagram. Sharing the video, Tridha wrote in the caption- ‘Revenge has many beautiful colors too.’

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Worked in many films

Apart from web series, Tridha Chaudhary has also worked in many films. Apart from Hindi language in these films, there are also films based on Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali and Telugu languages, in which Tridha has shown her acting skills.

Stay active on social media

Tridha Chaudhary is always active on social media. Often she keeps sharing some of her pictures and sometimes videos to stay connected with the fans.



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