Bank Holidays In March 2021 : 11 days in March, banks will remain closed, see full list


Hello friends, welcome to our news site Friends, today we have brought very special information for you, if you do not know how many days the bank will be closed in March, then today we are going to tell you how many days the bank will be closed in the month of March, as you all know that the bank in March month The holiday list has been released, today we are going to tell you through this post.

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March 5:  Chapchar Kut is falling on March 5

March 11: March  11 is Mahashivratri on Thursday.

March 15:  On Monday, March 15, some bank unions have announced a strike.

22 March: 22 March is Bihar Day on Monday. March 21 is Sunday. In such a situation, banks in Bihar state will remain closed for 2 consecutive days.

29 and March:  Holi festival is on Monday and 30 Tuesday on 29 March. Banks will remain closed on this day. On its first, March 27 is the second Saturday and March 28 is Sunday. Therefore, banks will be closed for 4 consecutive days in some states of the country.


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