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Bank Holidays List: Know how many days the bank will be closed in March 2021, check list

Bank Holidays March 2021: If you are planning to do work related to bank related work or important work in the month of March, then this is an important news for you. In fact, a total of 11 days in the month of March, banks across the country will be closed. This includes four Sundays and two second Saturdays. According to the RBI Holiday Calendar March 2021, March 2021, there are about 5 days, when there may be a bank holiday. Banks will be closed on 5, 11, 22, 29 and 30 March as per RBI.

March 5: Chapchar Kut is falling on this day. On this day, all the banks in Aizawl (Aizawl – the capital of Mizoram) will remain closed.

11 March: Mahashivratri is the day of 11 March on Thursday. On this day, operations in banks will be closed in many states of the country. According to the RBI list, banks will remain in 20 states of the country.

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15 March: This day is Monday. On 15 March some bank unions have announced a strike. 9 unions of banks are participating in this strike. The union has announced a 2-day strike from March 15. This strike is against the privatization of banks. On the first of this strike, the second is on Saturday, March 13 and Sunday on March 14. In such a situation, if there is a strike, in some states, the banks may stop functioning for 4 consecutive days.

22 March: This day is Bihar Day and this day is also Monday. Before this, it is Sunday on 21 March. In such a situation, banks will remain closed for 2 consecutive days in the state of Bihar.

29 and 30 March: Holi festival is on Monday and 30 March on Tuesday, 29 March. Banks will remain closed on this day. At the same time, the second Saturday is on March 27 and Sunday on March 28. Therefore, banks will remain closed for 4 consecutive days in some states of the country.

These days, where bank branches will remain closed, mobile and internet banking will continue to work as usual. Customers can make transactions through online mode.




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