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Bank of Baroda is going to make big changes, from March 1, customers may face problems in transactions

Big change in BoB: is a very important news for Bank of Baroda customers. After the merger of Vijaya and Dena Bank, this public sector bank is going to make big changes in the rules from 1 March 2021. According to media reports, Bank of Baroda is going to change its IFC code from 1 March. It is very important for its customers to keep this information in order to continue their transaction. If not doing so, they may have difficulty in transacting money.

As per the information given by the bank, the customers of Bank of Baroda will not be able to continue the transaction on the old IFSC code after the next 1 March 2021. The third largest public sector bank of Baroda has written in its tweet that dear customers, please pay attention. E-Vijaya and E-Dena IFSC codes are going to be closed from 1 March 2021. Get new IFSC codes from e-Vijaya and Dena Bank branches. Just follow a few steps and experience convenience.

It is not necessary to go to the branch to know ifsc code

If you have any problem related to IFSC code or want to get any information, then you can call 1800 258 1700 toll free number. You can also message with this. In the message you have to write “MIGR <Space> Last 4 digits of the old account number”. Now send this message from your registered mobile number to 8422009988.

IFSC code is required for transaction

The change of IFSC code will have a profound impact on the account holders. Let us tell you that for online transactions, the bank’s IFSC code i.e. Indian Financial System Code has to be added along with the bank account number. Then you can do online transactions by going somewhere.

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What is an IFSC code?

The IFSC code is 11 digits long. The initial four letters in the IFSC code indicate the name of the bank. The IFAC code is used for electronic transactions. Any branch of the bank can be tracked through that code. You can find it through bank account and check book.



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