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Bank of Baroda Special Service: Special news for customers of Bank of Baroda, 24 hours information will be available on a number

Bank of Baroda has released new numbers for customers. You will get 24-hour information on these numbers. In today’s era, many fake numbers come in front of you after searching the number from Google, on which calling or SMS (SMS), you may be overwhelmed. This report has been prepared by obtaining information from the official website of Bank of Baroda, which is of great use to you.

Delhi: Bank of Baroda has taken a big step for the convenience of customers. The bank has released 2 new numbers, on which you can get information round the clock by calling. On one of these numbers, information will be given through missed call and SMS on the other number. These numbers have been issued amidst increasing cases of cybercrime, which will greatly benefit the customers.

BoB’s missed call service

All the customers who have registered their mobile number in the bank will get the benefit of this. Information about your account balance can be obtained through a missed call on 84680-01111 from a registered mobile number. After going to a ring, the phone will be disconnected and you will get the information about the outstanding amount along with the last 4 digits of the bank account via SMS.

BoB’s SMS service

You can also get your account information through SMS from your registered mobile number. For this, send the last 4 numbers of your bank account with BAL to the mobile number at 84680-01122. You can also get a mini statement by sending MINI and the last 4 numbers of the account to this number.

Attention Vijaya and Dena Bank customers

The central government has merged Vijaya (Denaya) and Dena (Dena) banks into Bank of Baroda. The new rules have come into force from March 1 onwards since the merger. In such a situation, the old IFSC code is no longer working. Customers of Vijaya and Dena Bank will have to get a new IFSC code from Bank of Baroda. Customers of Vijaya and Dena Bank can visit the official website of Bank of Baroda at www.bankofbaroda.in . Apart from this, by going to the nearest branch of Bank of Baroda, you can get the new IFSC code by giving the necessary documents.



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