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Bank of India Alert: This service will not work from April 21, do this work or else trouble will come

BOI Card Shield Application: Bank of India said that from 21 April 2021, the card shield application will stop working. From 22 April this feature will be available in phone banking and net banking.

Bank of India has appealed to its customers to update the Card Shield Application before 21 April 2021 as it will not work from 22 April. The bank has tweeted its information from its official Twitter handle. In this, it has been said on behalf of the bank that the bank gives its customers the facility of monitoring and control on the debit card. The bank has now integrated this service with the BOI Mobile App and Internet Banking. Therefore, customers should now use the bank’s mobile app.

Bank of India has also shared the link for this, through which this app can be downloaded. The bank has clearly said that now this service can be availed through mobile banking. Under Card Shield, users have complete control over their card. When, where, how and how much to use a debit card, the customer can disaide with the help of this application. If your card suddenly gets misplaced, then the card can be turned off with the help of this application. You will get notification when online transaction takes place.

Bank of India also offers Transactions Near You under the card shield. In this, on turning on the My Location option, the card can be used only in those places where the card holder itself is present. Apart from this, the limit of the card can also be fixed. With the help of this feature your children cannot misuse the card.



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