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Bank Two Weekly Off Update: Good news for Bank employees! Will have to work only 5 days a week, will get 2 days leave

Bank Saturday Holiday: Apart from every Sunday, banks have a holiday on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. It is now proposed that bank employees get a day off every Saturday.

Bank Five Days Working: Bank employees across the country can get a great news next week. In fact, preparations are on for the fact that now bank employees will get a holiday on all Saturdays of the month. In this regard, a big update can come out within a week.

Five days work, two days rest

At present, banks in India have holidays on every Sunday of every week and on Saturdays of every second and fourth week. After the change, there will be holidays in banks on the first, third and fifth Saturdays of every month. In other words, now a week of five working days will be implemented in banks. Under this, bank employees will work for five days every week from Monday to Friday, while they will have two days off on Saturday and Sunday.

Important meeting will be held on July 28

According to a news from Live Mint, an important meeting is going to be held on Friday next week, in which the five-day workweek of the banks may be stamped. On July 28, the Indian Bank Association (IBA) is going to have a meeting with the United Forum of Bank Employees, an organization of bank employees. Earlier in the month of May, it was said in many reports that IBA and United Forum of Bank Employees have agreed on a five-day working week.

Bank union had said this

The United Forum of Bank Employees had said on July 17 that it has proposed a five-day working week for discussion in the upcoming meeting. IBA has said that it is being actively considered. We have requested IBA to expedite the matter so that there is no further delay in implementing the new regime for bank employees.

These issues will also be discussed

According to a report in CNBC, in the meeting to be held on July 28, IBA and United Forum of Bank Employees may also discuss some other issues. In the upcoming meeting, apart from the 5-day work week, both organizations can also talk about issues like salary hike and the need for group medical insurance for retiring employees.

Working hours will increase

The government has implemented the system of 5-day work week in the Life Insurance Corporation of India some time back. After that the long standing demand to implement it in banks also has gained momentum. According to the news, after the implementation of the new system, the daily working hours of the bank employees may increase. Under the new system, they may have to work from 9:45 am to 5:30 pm i.e. 40 minutes extra every day.

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