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Beggar with QR CODE: Raju said – people used to say that there is no leave, so opened an account in the bank; Now I take…

This picture of a person hanging the QR code of an e-wallet around his neck at Bettiah railway station is unique in itself. Let us tell you that this person named Raju is a beggar, who lives at the station since childhood. From the very beginning, he has been begging people for his sustenance. According to him, people used to say that there are no holidays, so I opened an account in the bank. Now Raju does not take leave money from people, but asks them to send begging money by scanning QR code on Phone-Pe. Due to this strange style, he is being discussed a lot.

Calls himself Lalu’s son and a devotee of PM Modi

Raju Prasad, the 40-year-old only son of Prabhunath Prasad, a resident of Basavariya Ward No-30, has been living his life by begging at the railway station and other places for three decades. Being retarded, Raju did not see any other way to feed. He calls Lalu Yadav his father, while he describes himself as a devotee of PM Modi.

Refuses to give leave, so I take digital payment

Raju is being discussed in the entire district due to his unique style of begging from QR CODE. He appeals to the passengers coming out of the station and bus stand to help. He told that- ‘Many times people refuse to cooperate saying that they do not have free money. Many travelers said that in the era of e-wallets like phone pay etc., there is no need to carry cash anymore. Due to this, when there was a problem in begging, I opened a bank account, as well as created an e-wallet. Now I beg through the QR code of Google Pay and Phone Pay etc.

Difficulty opening a bank account

He told that there were many difficulties in opening a bank account as well. When I approached the bank, aadhar card and pan card were demanded. Aadhar card was already there, but PAN card had to be made. After this, only last month, the account was opened in the main branch of State Bank of India in Bettiah. Once the bank account is opened, e-wallet is also created.

Lalu was also Raju’s fan

Raju, who calls himself Lalu Prasad’s son, used to attend all Lalu’s programs in West Champaran district. Raju tells that Lalu Yadav was also his fan and he loved him so much that in the year 2005, on the orders of Lalu Prasad Yadav, he used to get food daily from the pantry car of Saptkranti Super Fast Express. This cycle continued till the year 2015. After that now he eats with his own money.



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