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Best thrilling novels to read in 2022

A thrilling novel is an exciting endeavour that a reader takes in hopes of getting engulfs in the mystery and suspense that blows away the mind and predicting abilities. It is termed an absolute masterpiece if a thriller can satisfy these aspects. In 2022 many thrilling novels have been released, but only a few of them has the qualities to qualify as an extraordinary work of art.

Here are 5 thrilling novels to read in 2022:

1- Into the Dark


An edge of a seat thriller, Into the Dark, is one of the best books of 2022. This novel written by Fiona Cummis focuses on the disappearance of an entire family that causes an uproar. A troubled detective is then called up to investigate the case, making this novel much more enjoyable. Read this now to unveil one of the greatest mysteries in fiction.

2- The Murders at Fleat House

This novel written by Lucinda Riley will keep you awake at night with its gripping and shocking storyline. The novel follows the murder of a student at a boarding school named Fleat House. The headmaster of the house is keen to dismiss the murder as a tragic accident, but the police think otherwise and call upon a genius detective to solve the case.

3- Out of her depth

It is a slow burner, but the mystery will shock the lights out of you at the end. The novel follows Rachael, a young girl who works at a Villa in London suburbs. However, one night the teenagers in that area cause a ruckus that leads to unforgivable and heinous circumstances.

4- Perfect People

thrilling novel

This novel by Peter James is one of the most frightening books of 2022. Perfect People follows a couple that loses their 4-year-old child due to a rare genetic disease. The couple then gets engaged in a brutal, nightmarish experiment that threatens to destroy everything in their lives.

5- The Golden Couple

The Golden Couple is a page-turner that will send you on a spree of skimming through the pages rapidly. The novel follows a couple who goes into therapy after the wife cheats. However, that is not the only trouble they have in their lives as soon many hidden secrets come out in the open.

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