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Best tricks of Google Maps, share your location without internet

Google Maps Share Location Without Internet: If a relative has to call home or wants to go to a new location, then we share the location with the help of internet. In such a situation, if your internet data gets exhausted or if you move away from the internet coverage area then what will you do. To avoid such trouble, you can share your location even without internet. Let’s know about such special tricks of google maps.

Due to the absence of internet on mobile phones, the user must first open the Google Maps app in their phone. After this, the user has to know his location on Google Maps. For this, they can resort to the name of the colony, the block and the landmarks surrounding it.

As an example, if the user is in Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi, then he should search the street number or block on Google Maps. After this, reach a landmark nearby, which is being shown on Google Maps. After doing this, keep tabs on the land mark visible on Google Maps for some time. By doing this, a red dot will appear at that location. Also Read: BSNL introduces new recharge plan in Republic Day offers, increased validity of annual plan

After this, four options will come down on the phone screen, one of which will be to share. To share location without internet, select the option with Share. After this, select the text message. After this, send the location to a relative, friend or anyone who is asking for your location. By doing this your location will reach that person and he will be able to find you.

Without internet also shows the way

after the red dot appears on the screen in Google Maps, you can use the directions given below. However, it is worth noting that Google Maps can only show the way to reach those places which are already saved in Google Maps. Before using this feature, we recommend that you definitely download maps of that place before moving to a new place. Please tell that it will just navigate the way.


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