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Big News: 15 lakh rupees will be transferred in their account, the central government will help

The central government will directly transfer 15 lakh rupees to the bank accounts of the farmers, this scheme will directly benefit the food donors. Oh no, this is not a jumla to send 15 lakh rupees to the public’s account. In fact, for the financial assistance of the farmers, the Modi government will reach its benefits to the farmers through PM Kisan FPO Scheme.

For the last one and a half years, the Modi government is trying to cool the fire of the farmers’ agitation over the agriculture bill. That is why the Modi government keeps on bringing new schemes to benefit the farmers time and again. To help the farmers in this new scheme, the government is providing financial assistance up to Rs.15.

How to get 15 lakhs

The government has started the FPO scheme, in which Rs 15 lakh will be given to the Farmer Producer Organization, all the farmers across the country will be given financial assistance to increase their business and start a new business. To take advantage of this new scheme, farmers will have to form a group of 11 farmers, that is to say, a company will have to be formed. By doing this, it will be very easy for the farmers to buy agricultural equipment, fertilizers, seeds, medicines.

What will be the benefit of this scheme

The government has presented such a scheme in front of the farmers, which will directly benefit the farmers, to take advantage of this scheme, the farmers will not even have to go to any broker, to start their business, the government will give a group of 11 farmers in 3 installments. 15 lakh rupees, i.e. every year 5-5 lakh rupees will be transferred to the account of the company formed by the farmers.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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