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Big News From Bihar! Nitish Sarkar’s decree – If you protest violently, you won’t get a government job

Bihar Protest Rule: In the recent times, Nitish Kumar’s government has taken another such big decision which is being considered as a threat to freedom of expression. The opposition has questioned the government’s decision.

Patna. Protests against the government in Bihar may now overwhelm you. Bihar Police Headquarters, which directed legal action to make indefinite comments on a public representative, government official on social media, has now gone a step further towards strictness. Bihar Police Headquarters has issued a new order regarding character verification. Under this order, if a person is involved in any criminal act during road jams and protests in the event of law and order and if the police files a charge sheet against him then such a person can participate in any kind of government contract or Then it will not be considered worthy to contribute in government job.

There has been a stir since this order letter which came out from the order of Bihar DGP SK Singhal. Actually it is believed that the Police Headquarters is taking such an order and is violating the democratic rights of the people. In the capital Patna, protesters on various issues come out on the road, then how appropriate would it be to deny them jobs from government contracts?

In fact, a meeting was held recently under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, in which the DGP also joined as a member. In this meeting, it was decided that character verification would have to be given in government contracts. There is speculation that the government has taken such a decision after the assassination of the Indigo station head Rupesh in Patna. Within a month, this second order of state police headquarters has become an issue for opposition parties.

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RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has attacked the government through social media on this matter. Tejashwi Yadav alleges that the government is scared of the youth of Bihar and that is why it wants to frighten the youth through this order, but the leaders of the ruling party are calling it a step taken in the interest of law and order.

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