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Big relief for LPG users: no increase in LPG price on new year, know how much a cylinder is worth …

Big Relief for LPG Users: There is a relief news for LPG users. Petroleum companies have not increased the price of cylinders without subsidy on the new year.

It is a matter of fact that these companies have made necessary increases in the prices of aircraft fuel and commercial gas cylinders. According to the notification of public sector retail fuel retailers, there has been no change in the price of LPG LPG on Friday. The price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder without subsidy will still remain at Rs 694.

Price was increased by 100 rupees in December 2020

However, earlier, in December 2020, its price was increased by 100 rupees. The price was stable at Rs 594 per cylinder from July before the price increase in December. Subsidized LPG cylinders were being given to customers at the same rate. Most LPG customers have not received subsidy since May, as oil prices have fallen in the international market. On the other hand, the increase in the rate of filling LPG has eliminated the difference in subsidized LPG cylinder and its market rate.

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Price of subsidized cylinder increased by Rs 147 since June 2019

The subsidized LPG cylinder price in Delhi in June 2019 was Rs 497. Since then, the price has been increased by 147 rupees. However, raising the price in December 2020 means the government will have to re-subsidize the customers. There was no change in the prices of petrol and diesel for the 25th consecutive day. The price of these fuels is reviewed on a daily basis. A liter of petrol in Delhi is Rs 83.71 and diesel is Rs 73.87.

ATF increases for the third time in a month

On the other hand, the price of jet fuel or ATF was increased by 3.7 percent on Friday. This is the third time in a month, with the increase in oil prices internationally, when the price of aircraft fuel has increased. Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) has gone up by Rs 1,817.62 per kl or 3.69 per cent to Rs 50,978.78 per kl, according to a notification by public sector retail fuel retailers. This is the third increase in price after December 1. Earlier, on December 1, the price was increased by 7.6 percent (Rs 3,288.38 per kiloliter) and on December 16, by 6.3 percent (Rs 2,941.5 per kiloliter).



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