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Bike Transfer Fee: How much will it cost to parcel a bike by train, know the complete process online and offline.

Bike Transfer from Train: If you also want to parcel your bike through train, then know its complete process here.

Bike Transfer from Train: Many times we have to take our motorcycle from one city to another. If we take the help of a private parcel company for this, we may have to spend thousands of rupees. But you can do the same work easily with very little money from Indian Railways. Yes, Railways also gives you this facility, in which you can parcel your bike from one city to another in the form of luggage or parcel. Luggage means that you are traveling in the same train by which the bike is being transported and parcel means that you are simply transporting the goods and not traveling in that train. Let us know what is its online and offline method and how much you will have to spend for it.

Offline booking process

  • Go to parcel booking station
  • Fill the booking form manually
  • Submit duly filled forwarding note along with the parcel
  • The parcel is weighed and freight charges are calculated manually at the booking counter
  • Deposit freight charges and collect Railway Receipt (RR)
  • Submit the original RR and collect the parcel from its destination station

Online booking process

  • www.parcel. Visit
  • Register and login to the portal
  • Fill the origin and destination stations in the online form
  • Select a train from the list of trains suggested by the system
  • Fill out the booking form (forward note)
  • The system will calculate the estimated freight charges
  • Deposit system generated e-forwarding note into warehouse
  • Hand over the parcel to the originating station with the printout of the e-forwarding note.
  • The parcel is weighed and actual freight charges are calculated by the system at the booking counter
  • Deposit freight charges and collect Railway Receipt (RR)
  • Parcel can be tracked using Track & Trace facility
  • Customer receives a notification SMS when the parcel reaches its destination
  • Submit the original RR and collect the parcel from your destination station at the delivery counter

How much will the fare cost

The fare for sending a bike by railway is calculated according to its weight and distance. Luggage charges for transporting a bike are higher than for parcels. The average fare for sending a bike to a distance of 500 kilometers is usually Rs 1200. However, there may be a difference depending on the distance and weight of the bike. Apart from this, packing of the bike may also cost Rs 300-500.

Keep these things in mind before sending a bike

To transport a bike as parcel or luggage, you must keep some things in mind. For example, make booking at least a day before the day on which you want to send the bike. At the time of booking, you should have the registration certificate and insurance documents of the bike with you. Apart from this, keep important documents like Aadhaar, driving license also with you. Before packing the bike, empty the petrol tank completely. If there is petrol in the vehicle, a fine of Rs 1000 can be imposed.

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