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BoB customers! Now these facilities will be available including checking the balance on whatsapp, bank has released special numbers

Some important numbers have been issued by the BoB to enable people to get the benefit of the home-based banking facility in the Corona era. This will help the customers.

Digital transactions have increased in the Corona era. In such a situation, customers will no longer have to go round the bank to do balance check or to get check book etc. Bank of Baroda has released some special numbers for the convenience of the customers. Through which they can check the balance, including seeing the details of the transaction, using just WhatsApp. Also, you can also take advantage of other facilities by calling the toll-free number.

These essential numbers issued by BoB will be available 24 * 7. In this connection, information has been given by tweeting from the bank. With their help, you can avail banking facilities right from your home. With this you will not need to go to ATM or Bank. So what are those numbers, see the list.

List of required numbers
1. To know the bank account balance – 8468001111
2. To know the last 5 transactions of the account – 8468001122
3. For WhatsApp services of the bank – 8433888777
4.Tol free number – 18002584455/18001024455

You can do this work including invoking checkbook from WhatsApp
If you want to block the debit card or get information about the interest rate and find the nearest branch, then you can take advantage of the WhatsApp facility. For this, you have to save the bank’s WhatsApp business account number 8433888777 in the contact list of the mobile. Through this number, you can also apply for the balance check, information about the last five transactions and check book.

M Connect Plus app is also beneficial
Bank of Baroda has also recently launched the Baroda M Connect Plus app. Customers can also avail banking facilities through this. Through this, 24-hour banking facility can be availed. In view of this, a digital branch has been started.



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