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Boxer Aamir Khan’s ‘Kutai’ fiercely in the ring, can now take retirement

Two-time world champion British boxer Amir Khan was badly beaten and injured by rival Britain’s Kel Brook in a Grudge match on Saturday night. Aamir’s face was completely bruised by the washing of the brook and tears came to his eyes from the pain. Now Aamir Khan is contemplating retiring from the sport of boxing.

Like Aamir, Brooke has also been a world champion. After several weeks of hard work, Brooke was ready for this fight. The way Brooke was beating Amir in the sixth round during this boxing match, the referee had to come to his rescue.

As a result, Aamir Khan was stopped in the sixth round during a fight in the grudge match. Now after losing to his arch-rival, he is unlikely to continue the fight in the near future. Kel Brook had a great celebration after the win.

Aamir Khan said he is ready to leave the ring after losing his grudge match against Klay Brook at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday night. Khan was injured in the first round, from which he fought despite not fully recovering.

Aamir Khan said, ‘I want to spend time with my family, but this is the end of my career. The love for the game is no more. This is a signal to me that maybe I should leave this game now.

In the press conference, Khan reiterated this point once again and said, ‘I have achieved much more than I thought. I am old now. I want to spend time with my kids.

Aamir Khan has earned a net worth of about $ 40 million through professional boxing. This champion boxer entered the ring for the first time since 2019. Now after the royal thrashing, it seems that he will hardly be seen in the ring again.




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