Breaking News: Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan gets corona, took Chinese vaccine

Pakistan's PM Imran Khan gets corona, took Chinese vaccine

Breaking News: New cases of corona are increasing rapidly in Pakistan this year.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been found to be Corona positive. The special thing is that he took the Chinese vaccine on March 18 itself, despite this he has been infected. According to the news, the Prime Minister has isolated himself.

Pakistan has the highest number of cases in a single day this year

In Pakistan, 3,876 new cases of corona virus infection were reported on a single day on Saturday this year, with which the infection rate in the country has increased to 9.4 percent. The Health Ministry said that 623,135 people have been found infected with the virus so far in the country. After the death of 40 patients during the last 24 hours, the number of dead has increased to 13,799. The ministry said that a total of 579,760 people in the country have recovered from the infection so far. 2,122 patients are in critical condition.

When Imran Khan took the Chinese vaccine

Malaysian Minister of Science Technology and Innovation, Khairi Jamaluddin, installed the Chinese vaccine Synovac on March 18, the first person in Malaysia to be given a Chinese vaccine. After vaccination the same day, he tweeted in Chinese and appealed to the citizens to trust the corona vaccine and get the vaccine.

Khairi uploaded a video on Twitter in which he said in Chinese that the Synovac vaccine is safe and his experience is good. All types of vaccines are safe. Let us beat the virus together. Protect yourself and protect everyone!

According to the information, Khairi installed a Chinese synovac at Rembau Hospital in Baja Sembilan State later that afternoon. Another 10 front-line workers also got vaccinated at the hospital on the same day.

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