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Breaking: UK PM Boris Johnson will not attend Republic Day celebrations- Report

PM Boris Johnson cancels visit to India: According to Reuters report, UK PM Boris Johnson has canceled the tour to India. He was to come as the chief guest of Republic Day on 26 January.

New Delhi.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not attend the Republic Day celebrations on 26 January. According to a Reuters report, the UK PM has canceled the tour to India. He was to come as the chief guest of Republic Day on 26 January. In fact, cases of new strains of Corona virus in Britain are increasing rapidly. It is being said that the UK has taken this step in view of increasing cases. Britain has enforced a strict lockdown amid the rapidly spreading threat of the corona virus new strain, and on Tuesday Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the rapid spread of the infection was ‘very sad and worrisome’ and currently the country’s hospitals But the epidemic is under maximum pressure.

Scotland’s new law to close all schools and businesses to deal with the new wave of the epidemic went into effect from Tuesday, while the UK law will take effect from Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, Johnson has requested people to strictly follow the rules of working from home. The new law is likely to remain in effect by mid-February. It will be reviewed based on the rate of vaccination and infection. In a nationwide TV address on Monday night, Johnson said, “Our scientists have confirmed that the new strain (type) is 50 to 70 percent more contagious … which means that you are infected and others are infected.” There is a lot of fear of doing it.

Get out of the house for a few reasons: Boris Johnson

He said, ‘We have to implement strict lockdown nationwide so that we can control this strain. This means that the government is once again directing you to stay indoors. You are under legal sanction for just a few reasons such as buying essential things, if you are not able to work from home at all, then to go to office, for treatment or investigation or to avoid domestic violence. Can get out.

Chances of change in Republic Day parade, troops will be smaller, spectators will also be less

In the wake of Corona virus epidemic, several changes are likely to be made in the Republic Day celebrations on Rajpath next month. The size of the troops participating in the parade will be reduced, the distance of the parade will be reduced and fewer people will be present than in previous years. Sources told about this on Wednesday. Every year, India presents its military strength, rich cultural diversity and socio-economic progress in Republic Day celebrations at Rajpath.

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Sources said that the grandeur of the Republic Day parade will remain intact but the size of the troops will be limited in view of the epidemic. India has invited British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the chief guest for the Republic Day parade. An official said that preparations are being made for the ceremony keeping in mind the guidelines related to Kovid-19. Sources said that about 25,000 people will be allowed to go to see the ceremony and children below 15 years of age will not be allowed to enter. Generally around one lakh people come to watch the parade during Republic Day.



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