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Bride and groom became uncontrollable during the photoshoot, started doing such an act that the camera man had to run away, Watch

New Delhi: During the photoshoot, it cannot be said that when the dulha dulhan ne ki aisi harkat will go viral on social media. Every day something or the other goes viral. But this viral video proves to be a trouble for some and it also becomes a boon for others. One such video is going viral these days, in which couples became uncontrollable during the wedding photoshoot and started doing such things in front of the camera that the photographer had to run away from there.

Dulha dulhan ne ki aisi harkat surfaced during the photoshoot In this video you can see that a young man and a young woman are standing in a wedding couple and the photographer is telling them the pose. Meanwhile, the photographer says, let’s do the same action, after that the bride and groom started kissing each other. After clicking the photo, the cameraman told them that it was done, but the bride and groom were so engrossed in kissing each other that they did not know anything.

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Seeing the bride and groom in such a condition, the cameraman ran away from there and returned after a while, both had returned to their positions. This video has been shared on Instagram by bong_teenagers. Please tell that this video has got more than 1 lakh 70 thousand likes so far. Reem Sheikh Pic: Hot style of Reem Sheikh caught on camera, flaunted figure in bralette look

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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