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Bride Groom Video: Groom was doing drama in front of the bride, the bride slapped him on stage

Bride Groom Video: In this, it can be seen how the bride gets angry at the groom at the wedding. She slaps him in front of everyone.

Bride Groom Video: A video related to a wedding is going viral on social media. In this, the groom gets very embarrassed. His only fault was that he started making a drama in front of the bride. The bride could not tolerate his actions and she slapped him in front of everyone. You must have seen lakhs of wedding videos till now but the scene shown in this will blow your mind. Anyway, users like videos related to weddings a lot. Perhaps this is the reason why this video also went viral in no time. Netizens are also giving a lot of reactions on this.

Groom got slapped

In this video which is attracting attention, you can see that the bride and groom are wearing garlands and standing at one place. Many relatives are also seen present around them. On the occasion, the bride goes to feed the groom with sweets in her hands. But the groom appeared in a mood of fun here. Instead of eating sweets from the bride, he started having fun. Suddenly the bride loses her temper on the groom’s action and catches hold of the bride and slaps her and leaves the spot. The groom became dejected after being beaten in front of everyone.

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Bride lost her temper

This video of the bride and groom is going viral at the speed of a bullet. Let us make it clear that we do not confirm the authenticity of this video. It may be just a part of a prank. This video has also been uploaded on an Instagram account named crazy_writer_01. The video has garnered millions of views. It is being liked as well as shared.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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